One Month At A Time

38 Days

Yesterday’s CrossFit workout went OK. It gave me something else to work on –my double unders.

That’s where you jump rope and get the rope around you twice with each jump. I can do one or two, not in a row, and certainly not in any quality, but I can jump rope all the live long day.

The modification of the exercise is to double the number of reps for jumping rope, so I did two hundred jumps per set.

One of my CrossFit friends offered me the use of his rope to do more with the double unders. His rope is made with metal wire, heavier than other ropes, but thinner and has ball bearings in the handles to help you twirl the rope using just your wrists.

I didn’t do so good with it, but I wasn’t really trying to do double unders, just skip rope normally.

Anyway, it’s something to work on. CrossFit WV has an open gym Sundays. I will probably hit that this weekend to work on a few things, like rope climbs, farmer carries and whatever else seems like a good idea.

Meanwhile, I’m also still working on my squats.


One of the things that CrossFit WV has done for me is helped me work on how I lift weights. If you start out lifting wrong because the guy who showed you how to lift didn’t know or didn’t particularly care if you’re doing it right, it takes a while to correct it.

I’m getting better.

I also had a bit of luck yesterday.

I have acquired the use of a Camelbak hydration pack.

A Camelbak hydration pack looks like a small backpack. It contains a little bladder (a thick, rubber bag) that holds some amount of water (or beer, if you’re looking to shake things up).

I plan to use it this weekend for my long run, to see how it feels to haul that thing around.

Having a hydration pack is recommended by a lot of racers and with August in West Virginia tending to be hotter than July, I really wanted one, but they’re kind of outside of my budget.

I was actually looking at used Camelbak hydration packs on the Goodwill auction site, but wasn’t too sure about how smart that was.

Anyway, it’s good to have the hydration pack.

I had a solid run this morning. I can feel that the hills and the long runs are helping with the shorter runs. I just feel stronger, more sure and able to push a little harder.

Following my plan, I got in five miles at about a 9 to 9 and half-ish minute pace.

That feels about right. I’m not training for speed. I’m training for survival.

Today’s playlist:

Joan Jett “Let’s Do It.”

Tom Petty “Running Down a Dream”

David Bowie “Suffragette City”

Metric “Gold Guns Girls”

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown “Fire”

The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army”

Pink Floyd “Dogs”

Marilyn Manson “The Beautiful People”

Grimes “We Appreciate Power”

Nine Inch Nails “The Hand That Feels”

(Cool down)

Danzig “Mother”