One Month At A Time

39 days

We have 39 days to go until the Spartan Race and I’m trying to step up my training.

Monday was rough for me.

I’m always a little sluggish getting back to the gym after the weekend and then things didn’t go so hot at CrossFit.

By the numbers, I found myself at the back of the line –far at the back of the line.

That’s not really that big of a deal. I figured out pretty early with CrossFit is that you can go all gung-ho and look to be super competitive or you can just run your own race.

Comparisons with fitness are stupid. No two bodies are the same and what one person can do, somebody else just can’t for reasons that can be obvious to subtle.

I have some good days when I finish higher up the list. Most days, I’m somewhere in the middle, but Monday was rough for me because I thought I had the rope climb down. I thought it would be almost easy.

I didn’t. I struggled to get through and I kind of didn’t. I got up the rope four times, but then couldn’t make it back up more than twice again. I was exhausted. My crappy technique was shot and I was doing too much of the work with my arms.

With a rope climb, your arms aren’t doing that much work. It’s primarily your legs, but I couldn’t seem to get my form right and then things just went down hill.

I wound up with rope burn on the back of my thigh and had to modify my workout, switching out some of the rope climbs for pull ups.

That was disheartening, but… it does tell me something I need to work on over the next couple of weeks. I need to climb some more ropes, practice the foot thing that makes climbing possible and just get comfortable with the exercise.

I can do that.

Meanwhile, I had a good run this morning at Coonskin Park. I like the park to break up the monotony of the boulevard. I really need to find some more running courses.

Anyway, I got in three miles, which included a couple of nice hills and several geese, which ignored me.

Here was today’s morning play list for the run:

“More Human Than Human” White Zombie

“This Corrosion” The Sisters of Mercy

“Rock You Like a Hurricane” Scorpions

“Parallel Universe” Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Empire” Queensryche

“The Beautiful People” Marilyn Manson

(Cool down)

“I Got a Line On You” Hollywood Vampires