One Month At A Time

Happy 4th of July!

After I hit my goal weight, I decided to take a break from the blog –also FestivALL was getting ready to kick off in a couple of weeks and I was totally in the bag on that.

I stayed busy for weeks, skipped rehearsals with the Kordsmen, cancelled off plans with my friends and really just dug in.


I still went to CrossFit though. I still managed to get to the gym a couple of times a week –and I’ve kept running.

Some days I feel like I’m sweating pure Crisco. Other days, I look it. Most days, actually.

Since my last post, I’ve crossed the nine mile mark for my weekly long run. Three miles is a standard run. I do that a couple of times a week, usually, and I’ve been adding some variety to my courses.

I’m running a few hills. I will add more over the next month.

So far, I’ve managed to maintain my weight.

I go up a couple of pounds here and there, but I come back down to 175. Most of my trouble is with eating. I’m still getting used to eating more and figuring out when to eat what is still a work in progress.

I still makes pies, like this lovely peach pie. I’m getting better at crusts.

I actually need to eat more during the day instead of cramming calories in last minute before bed. It’s not that doing that is dangerous, but it can leave me feeling a little drained in the middle of a workout.

I have right under two months to go until the Spartan Race. I need to get that figured out.

Beginning next week, I will return to the weekly weigh-ins and check-ins about my health and fitness goals. I will also be blogging about my new, July project, which is already becoming a hassle.

I’m even thinking of plugging some of what I do for the A&E section into one post a week. A&E could use a blog, but man, I don’t know about trying to do two blogs. I’m having enough trouble with just the one.

Maybe just doing a shout out once a week for what’s coming up in the section is a good start. We’ll see… but I make plenty of promises I don’t keep.

Meanwhile, I hope all of you are doing well. Have a happy 4th!