One Month At A Time

A day late, but not bad, not bad…

Once again, it’s time to check in with my weight loss and fitness efforts. Are there any surprises, this week?


A little squinty, but kind of fit-ish.


Current weight: 175 pounds.

Starting weight: 253 pounds.

Current goal weight: 175.

Weight medical professionals believe I should be: 144. What once seemed impossible seems possible, just not desirable.

Blood pressure:I’ve been bad about getting this checked, but I feel OK.

Number of times different people have spoken to me about my weight-loss and/or doing CrossFit in the last week: I’ve talked to a lot of people about losing weight and getting fit.

Often, people tell me what they’re doing and maybe that works for them. I am the survivor of a ton of diets and fitness plans.

What I’m doing now is the first one that seems to have taken me anywhere. I’m a little freaked out about it, honestly.

Caffeine: Oh yes.

Cans of diet soda consumed this week: I ran out of money yesterday. We’re drinking water until midnight.

Notable fitness accomplishments: This week, there’s been nothing super notable, other than reaching my goal weight. That has to be good enough.

I am still training for the Spartan Race. I have not hit a long run since a week ago, but I have run three miles a couple of times. I might do that this weekend and maybe do some running on hills.

Coonskin Park seems like a good start and there’s a pool to jump into afterwards –if I get brave enough to wear a swimsuit in public.

Also, I found my wristwatch!

And I got a note back from Garmin about being an ambassador. I filled out the form, but doubt they’re going to be that interested in me.

While I enjoy writing on this blog, most people are following through the regular newspaper. This is supplemental material.

That’s all OK. I’m glad you’re reading. We should get lunch sometime.

Days until the Spartan Race in WV: 93 (August 24)

Captain America t-shirt: Yes!

Also, I’m doing my last Read Aloud for the year at Malden Elementary. Because the kids never believe me when I tell them that I have so many, I filled a paper shopping bag with my t-shirts for show and tell.

I’m not even bringing all of them, just the clean ones.

No idea how that will go over.

General outlook: I feel pretty good. I might have a beer tonight –or a pint of Halo Top. That sounds good, too.