One Month At A Time

Motorcycle Music

My current month’s project has to do with motorcycles and learning to ride. While I’m kicking around how to do that, I’ve been thinking about motorcycle music –or at least songs I think of when I think of motorcycles.

These aren’t necessarily the best songs about motorcycles or the best songs vaguely referencing motorcycles out there, just the ones that come to mind easily.

If you’ve got anything I should give a listen, hit the comments section.

“Born to be Wild” Steppenwolf

The song begins with “Get your motor running,” which doesn’t necessarily have to be a motorcycle. Steppenwolf could easily be talking about a VW Beetle, but was absorbed by the motorcycle audience after “Easy Rider.”


“Roll Me Away” Bob Seger.

Bob Seger should probably just have his own category. He was kind of a biker rock staple until they started using his music to pitch trucks on television and he was doing songs for Eddie Murphy movies.

This one is literally about getting on a bike and heading west, but then turning back after the girl the singer met in a bar decides she wants to go home.

It has that great line, “I too am lost. I feel double-crossed and I’m sick of what’s wrong and what’s right.”


“Fire Lake” Bob Seger

Another song about dropping out and hopping on a bike. I probably played that one a million times when I was 15 because sure, that’s what I wanted –to drop out of high school and roam aimlessly on a motorcycle.

It still sounds like a good idea some days –usually, Wednesdays.


“Kickstart My Heart” Motley Crue.

Technically, this ties a story about Nikki Sixx overdosing to his love for adrenaline-oriented activities, but it does mention a motorcycle.


“Wanted Dead or Alive” Bon Jovi.

This one references riding on a steel horse, which would be cool, if it was actually a steel horse, instead of just a motorcycle.

This one was part of the “Young Guns” soundtrack, which was a cool movie idea, that was better as an idea than as an actual movie.

If memory serves, I think I liked the sequel better than the original, which still wasn’t a lot.

By most reports, Jon Bon Jovi is a swell guy and I know he has a lot of fans –and I’ve tried, really. I just can’t…


“Hell Bent for Leather” Judas Priest

Rob Halford used to ride a motorcycle on stage when he sang this one. That counts, I think.