One Month At A Time

Wednesday Weigh-In

It’s time to check in about my weight-loss and fitness projects.

Here’s what it looks like, this week.

Just a little variety. I look pretty good in a hat.

Current weight: 182 pounds.

Once again, I’m sliding closer to 180. Huzzah!

Starting weight: 253 pounds.

Current goal weight: 175.

Weight medical professionals believe I should be: 144. I refer to this as the number of the beast, since it is about the weight of a monstrous dog or an even more monstrous squirrel.

Blood pressure: 106/79 That’s pretty good, actually.

Number of times different people have spoken to me about my weight-loss and/or doing CrossFit in the last week: This week had plenty of conversations which have veered from people telling me that I’m an inspiration to lots of advice about how best to lose weight.

I’ve talked about running with a few people and explained that the main reason I can run at all is because of CrossFit, specifically CrossFit WV.

Because we did some running at the box and a lot of strength training on areas that had probably weakened over the last couple of decades, I got strong enough to run.

It’s a work in progress. I can do about six miles now, but I don’t know if it will ever be fun.

Netflix is easier and the snacks are better.

Number of people I’ve bored to tears explaining/complaining about my diet, the calorie deficit and exercise: All the time. I’m a whiny, little punk who wants Chinese takeout.

Caffeine: Oh yes.

Cans of diet soda consumed this week: Some, but I’m working on balancing my diet better, which includes not drinking a bunch of carbonated, sugar-free swill.

Notable fitness accomplishments: I ran six miles again!

Also, like I said, I’m working on balancing my diet better, which is a different kind of fitness accomplishment.

In watching calories, you will tend to avoid high calorie foods. Instead of chips, you might move to pickles which are insanely low calorie and full of delicious salt.

Over the last several months, I have stayed away from starches. I eat very little bread, few potatoes, almost no rice or pasta.

These are usually trigger foods for me. If I’m not careful, I can eat a bunch of them, but these days, I’m a lot better educated on what portion sizes mean.

I have been trying to sparingly add a little of the starchy carbs back into my regular meals. With the exercise, particularly the running, I have more of a calorie deficit than I need -and honestly, eating a 120 calories of potato is cheaper than another bag of broccoli or another piece of chicken breast.

Eating “clean” may cost you less in the long run because it saves you on medical bills and improves your quality of life, but it’s expensive short-term and I work for a newspaper.

Unrelated fitness thing: I said good-bye to my Misfit Shine 2.

Honestly, I tried. I did everything the tech support person asked me to do to get it to reboot or whatever and just accurately do what I was told it would do.

It never got any better, regardless of which appendage I wore it on. The unplug/replug trick didn’t do any good either.

It’s hard to say if the thing ever worked properly. I wasn’t running six miles when I bought the thing two years ago, but that hardly matters at this point.

Technical support was really nice. They offered to send me a gift card that I could use toward the purchase of a new Misfit (or related product) and I declined.

I don’t need a new wrist watch. My Timex Iron Man does just fine –and I just wasn’t interested in dropping more of my money to give Misfit a second try.

On the plus side, the website for the company they’d like me to use to buy their product is now stuck to me like dog hair and keeps cropping up in my Facebook feed and in ads for news websites.

Thanks, Misfit!

I did reach out a few weeks ago to Fitbit and Garmin, but expect if they were interested in being my official fitness tracker, they’d have already signed on or sent an email.

I like to think what I’m doing is interesting, but they probably get similar pitches all the time and from writers in more populous, fitness conscious parts of the country –like maybe Arkansas.

I will get by without for the time being.

I had high hopes of landing some swag and some free products to test, but I guess I’ll just buy what I think I need and hope for the best.

I’m still going to test the race snacks, though. I already have a bunch of them.

Thanks for the memories, Misfit. Mostly, you just made me mad.


Days until the Spartan Race in WV: 115 (August 24)

Captain America t-shirt: Yes!

General outlook: I could use some General Tsao’s chicken and cheese wontons.