One Month At A Time

Product testing for the people

As I start getting into longer and longer training sessions or just try to improve what I’m already doing, I’ve been thinking a lot about nutrition.

The serious athletes seem to have meal plans and supplements and stuff to get better results, avoid injury and, for all I know, grant them super powers.

Super powers sound awesome, but really I just want to be able to finish a workout without feeling clobbered about halfway through (which happens some days).

I did four slow, sloppy miles today. How many slow, sloppy miles could I have done with some super soldier serum?

People I’ve spoken to who do triathlons or Spartan Races have suggested packing snacks. I’ve heard everything from taking mustard packets –that’s basic yellow mustard, like the kind you’d get at a Dairy Queen for your hotdog –to fruit chews, magic beans and energy cookies.

It’s all pretty confusing. I don’t know what works, what doesn’t and whether it’s worth the bother.

As an ongoing feature of my work up to the Spartan Race, I’m going to try some of these things. I’m going to reach out to the major companies to see if anybody wants to send me an array of products, but who knows if anybody will send anything at all.

It’s starting to look like it’s easier to get people to send me beer, which isn’t really a complaint.

In the meantime, I’ve picked up some workout “snacks,” which I can take for a spin and report back on. Maybe you can use them, too, like for getting that extra burst of energy when you have to cut the grass or rake leaves. I don’t know.

This, apparently, is workout beer. It’s a sad, sad thing. Gatorade should come out with a bourbon.

Probably, the best place to try these out will be before, during or after workouts.

All of this equaled about 16 bucks, which seems a lot for something that wouldn’t make a dent in your average trick-or-treat pumpkin.

So far, I’m not really encouraged by any of this. I asked the clerk at Dick’s Sporting Goods if any of this stuff worked.

She said, “I like the waffle.”

“It works?”

“I like how it tastes,” she said and then went back to showing her coworker a video on her phone.

I was pretty much on my own, but on the upside, I did find some alternatives to things watermelon flavored. Apparently, everybody loves watermelon. I hate watermelon.

I’ll get back to you on the results.