One Month At A Time

Wednesday Weigh-In

Another busy work here at the ranch. Blogging has taken a backseat to other projects, but we still have the Wednesday weigh-in.

Here’s how I’m doing with all the exercise and weight loss.

Current weight: 186 pounds. Once again, I feel like the actual number is less, but that may just be wishful thinking.

Originally, I’d hoped to be at 180 by Easter, but that seems unlikely.

It’s a little disappointing, but I feel great. Ah well, I’m looking forward to eating a bunch of Easter candy.

My phone is taking weird pictures again. Here’s me standing by some mulch. You’ll have to hold your screen upside down.

Starting weight: 253 pounds.

Current goal weight: 170-ish pounds.

Weight medical professionals believe I should be: 144

Blood pressure: 109/78

Number of times different people have spoken to me about my weight-loss and/or doing CrossFit in the last week: Another week of people really coming up to talk to me about dropping the weight.

I’ve been up and down about this. On the one hand, it’s nice to have the support and encouragement. On the other, all the comments from strangers can make you feel like everybody thought you were a hideous troll.

My actual high school yearbook photo.

Normally, I’d self-medicate the self-loathing with some donuts or maybe a half-gallon of chocolate and peanut butter ice cream, but now I just sit and stew about it.

The comments are nice, but they’re weird for me.

Number of those people who said they couldn’t change their diet or exercise: There have been lots of conversations this week about losing weight and calorie counting. Nobody much wants to do it. They also don’t want to change their exercise.

Number of people I’ve bored to tears explaining/complaining about my diet, the calorie deficit and exercise: Plenty. Also, I’m whining about not having enough food and being hungry a lot. I think something is triggering my appetite a bit.

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s the popcorn I have before bed, but who knows?

Caffeine: Oh yes.

Cans of diet soda consumed this week: Too much, but it’s sooooo good.

Notable fitness accomplishments: I can’t really think of any for this week. Mostly, I’ve just been trying to keep up with it all –and being mostly successful.

I did pick up a new cookbook that has a bunch of new vegetable dish recipes. It’s not a big accomplishment, but I am trying to expand my healthy eating horizons.

Days until the Spartan Race in WV: 143 (August 24)

Captain America t-shirt: Tomorrow, for sure.

General outlook: Hungry, but hopeful. Good things are happening with me. They’re just a little scary, too.