One Month At A Time


People were complaining about the CrossFit Open workout about five minutes after it was released, last Thursday.

Each week, during the open, there’s a new workout. Participants in the open have a couple of days to do the workout in front of judges, where they get points and whatnot for completing the sequence.

Unlike the previous week, I’d checked in on the release of the workout before Friday night at CrossFit WV. I’d even watched a couple of elite guys try to slog through it and my very first impression was “Oh, man. That’s totally not for me.”

Not my pay grade.

This week’s installment involved a 200 foot dumbbell overhead lunge.

Lunges were my least favorite exercise when I began CrossFit because my knees were so sore. I still hate lunges, but I can do them –not as well as these guys, but doing them counts.

Followed by dumbbell box step-ups.

This is harder than it looks. You step up on the box with the weight on your neck and then you step down. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, offer prayers for forgiveness.

and then 50 strict handstand pushups.

These are handstand pushups. Parker told me not to run a picture of her doing any, but Brian didn’t say anything.

You finished that off with a 200 foot handstand walk.

Nope. Never saw anyone get this far.

Oh, and you had to get through all of this inside of 10 minutes.

Basically, this is a workout for monkeys or maybe Batman.

Probably not this Batman.

From the online videos, I didn’t see anyone who made it all the way through the thing. Locally, I’d only seen two people, both of them instructors, who could even walk on their hands.

It could be that at CrossFit WV there’s some secret inner circle where they all play freeze tag while walking on their hands, but I’m not in that club. I’m still struggling with basic lifting forms and not looking like a hamster when I have to run or use one of the bicycles.

Still, just because I couldn’t do the workout, didn’t mean I couldn’t watch somebody else try –and I did.

The box got a much bigger crowd for the second episode. About 10 people came out to do the workout and be judged. Maybe another 10 came out to watch, shout encouragement and have a beer.

Once again, it was a fascinating look at what’s possible. I was amazed by the strength, stamina and the near relentless drive to keep putting one foot in front of another to get it done.

This is not my fitness level, obviously. It may never be my fitness level, but it’s something I’d like to have.

I just don’t know if I can get there or how long it will take.