One Month At A Time

My weigh-in is late, but still within the week. I’m going to say it counts.

Current weight: 195 pounds.

This is a pound higher than I was last week. I’ve been a little loose with my food diary and calorie counting, but not that loose, I thought.

It’s not unusual to bounce up and down a little. It’s also not unusual to be irritated by this.


Starting weight: 253 pounds.

Current goal weight: 170-ish pounds.

Weight medical professionals believe I should be: 144 or the approximate number of fudge brownies I want to eat right now.

All week I’ve been crazy hungry and craving sweets. Well, OK, craving all food.

Blood pressure: 118/78 –but I took the test on the machine three times and got three different numbers. I’m thinking that I should look for a new free drugstore blood pressure meter.

Number of times different people have spoken to me about my weight-loss and/or doing CrossFit in the last week: 14.

This past week was big for people noticing I’d dropped a few pounds, which makes the one pound gain sort of bittersweet, but likely the reason people noticed the change is that I got a haircut last weekend.

Get your hair cut and gain weight. Science!

Number of those people who said they couldn’t change their diet or exercise: Two.

Caffeine: Yes, but it’s not cutting it today.

Cans of diet soda consumed this week: Less. I’m still drinking flavored seltzers and I switched to some soul-crushing store brand diet sodas which taste like carbonated formaldehyde.

Notable fitness accomplishments: Nothing much to report. I’m still hitting the YMCA and CrossFit WV.

A lady stopped to tell me that I had a good squat, which is not the weirdest thing I’ve heard at the YMCA (being asked if I wanted to wrestle while coming out of the shower is still #1).

Days until the Spartan Race in WV: 170 (August 24)

Captain America t-shirt: Yes.

General outlook: Kind of world-weary, but also very hungry.