One Month At A Time

New Month, new traumas and stuff to do

My February month is starting off a little wobbly, but we’re still moving forward.

I expect to spend a portion of the weekend looking through cookbooks, shopping for the freshest ingredients and abusing scientific principles.

Meanwhile, February also begins my “go to lunch with a friend every week” initiative –one of my 2019 resolutions.

Like the reduction in social media, the point is to spend more time with people and get to know them past the pictures of whatever they ate last week.

I am not promising to buy. After all, I work at a newspaper.

Over the next few days, I’ll be reaching out to see if anybody wants to grab a salad or something. People can ask me, too, I guess.

I will also to continue to limit my weekend social media usage. I did so-so in January, but this is easier. I only have to shut it off every other weekend.

My CrossFit adventures will continue. I’ve officially signed up for and been confirmed for the August 24th Spartan Race in West Virginia. I hope to be ready with some help from CrossFit WV, which has agreed to allow me to keep showing up for WODs.

I’m grateful for the opportunity, though I may regret the burpees.

The instructors at CrossFit WV have been infinitely encouraging toward me (and really anybody else I’ve seen inside the building).

Meanwhile, I’m also going to have to start running soon. To help prod me along, because I work better with a stick than a carrot, I’m committing to events that will force me to run.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in just seeing the inside of a CrossFit gym and maybe trying a workout, CrossFit Never Give Up is offering a free workout Saturday morning.

Maybe next month I’ll figure out why half of my photos show up turned upside down and refuse to be corrected. Sigh…

They have classes at 8, 9 and 10 a.m.