One Month At A Time

Wednesday Weigh-in

It’s been kind of a busy week. Sorry to be so slow to blog. Also, we’ll be changing up the blog schedule a little to accommodate the different projects, ongoing missions and to keep it a little interesting.

Current weight: 200 pounds (congratulations to me. I just reached what I weighed when I finished my freshman year of college –I blame this on discovering Chinese buffets and shockingly easy access to beer)

Starting weight: 253 pounds.

Current goal weight: 170 (but negotiable).

Weight medical professionals believe I should be: 144 pounds or the weight of your average St. Bernard.

Just here for the brandy.

Blood pressure: 111/77 (No pills since Friday)

Caffeine: Today we’re sipping Morning Joe from Starbucks. I miss my beloved Organic Mexican Vienna roast, which was like some kind of wonder drug.

Cans of diet soda consumed this week: Not as much as I’d like. We ran out at the house on Sunday.

Captain America t-shirt: Today, I am sporting a Captain America sweatshirt –just trying to shake things up, I guess.

General outlook: Honestly? I’m a little excited about dropping under 200 pounds. I haven’t been that light in 20 years –and I didn’t stay that light for very long.

I’m swimming in my clothes and contemplating how much longer to keep some of my sweaters.

Also, I feel great. I’ve been off from CrossFit for the last two days. I charlie-horsed my thigh on something and have been on light duty, but I think I’ll make it back to class tonight.

It’s a pretty good day to be me.