One Month At A Time

One Month project updates and news

This week, I made it out to Firebreather Fitness in St. Albans, as well as got in two days at CrossFit WV (home base).

There will be more about that in next week’s column.

I would have squeezed in two more classes this week, but had a doctor’s appointment and a work trip that took those off the schedule.

I did, however, manage to get to the YMCA to swim a couple of times and did some work with free weights. I’m interested in keeping up the strength training, but it’s difficult to plan that with the CrossFit. I don’t want to double up exercising the same muscle groups two days in a row.

It’s a process, I guess. I’m just trying to do what works for me, get enough exercise, but stay healthy.

In related news, my new kidney doctor has taken me off my blood pressure medicine entirely. He thinks I don’t need it and that it may be the current culprit for some elevated enzymes.

Once again, it would be ridiculous to say that CrossFit is the sole reason why my blood pressure is so much better, but it seems fair to say that the regular, vigorous exercise that I’ve been getting through CrossFit has contributed.

Not only can you get a good workout at CrossFit WV, but you can get a puppy –or that’s what they keep telling me. I can take this one home, if I want.

I think it may have contributed quite a bit since I wasn’t doing much in the way of cardio before I started CrossFit.

Read Aloud with my Second Graders went well. I am always knocked out by how well received I am by the kids, who seem genuinely glad to have me visit. A couple of them have caught on that I usually wear the same kind of t-shirt, though there is some discussion about whether I just have one shirt or many.

I look forward to seeing these kids every week. It’s a bright spot for me. I hope it does them some good, too.

Meanwhile, they’re looking for volunteers –if you’re interested.

This weekend, I’m again going to try to limit my social media contact. I’ve put some restrictions into my phone and they’re working. I was on Facebook and Instagram for less than two hours last weekend.

Freeing up the time was good for me. I got a little more reading done.

Next week, I begin my February project. Anybody want to guess what that one is about?