One Month At A Time

Weight Check Update

Current weight: 203 pounds (for those of you following at home. I am up a pound, this week. Hopefully, that’s just because my lunches this week have been a little salty)

Current goal weight: 170 (but negotiable).

Weight medical professionals believe I should be: 144 pounds or roughly how much potato salad I have begrudgingly consumed over the course of my lifetime (I don’t like potato salad).

Blood pressure: 115/64 (Still medicated, but not as much. The doc cut me back)

Caffeine: One cup purchased from the Coffee Camper. It was the medium roast, which was OK.

Cans of diet soda consumed this week: A lot. Also, I’m looking for new flavors. I’m kind of wearing out on root beer and ginger ale.

Captain America t-shirt: I 100 percent am.

General outlook: I’m thinking a lot about how much I’d like a waffle right now. I’m not going to get a waffle, but I’d like one.