One Month At A Time


Today has been one of those days where a bunch of people have noticed that I’ve dropped some weight.

Minus whatever tomorrow’s weigh-in, I’m down a solid 50 pounds.

Exercise has clearly played a part, but… not most of it. I think it’s fair to say all these extra workouts have helped me tone up in places. The exercise has helped my blood pressure and my general well-being, but I tend to believe my reading about weight-loss, which is you want to get slim, have to cut your calories.

Paleo, Keto, South Beach, Weight Watchers or whatever: You can eat whatever, but you still have to burn more calories than you take in.

Of course, there are a lot of ways to do that.

Currently, I’m on a roughly 1500 calorie per day diet. I avoid sugar, baked goods, snack foods, pasta, potatoes and rice. I don’t eat a lot of dairy, don’t load up on fruit, don’t eat a lot of nuts or peanut butter, but stick with mostly vegetables and some lean meat.

I eat a lot of chicken, some fish, but not a lot of beef.

Chicken is cheap and the beef I can afford is fatty. Fish, I buy on special when I see it.

I keep an eye on my calories, my protein and my fiber. I don’t worry about vitamins much because I take multivitamin and eat a variety of veggies.

I keep a food diary on my phone, which takes a lot of the guesswork out of how many calories is this and how many calories is that.

I am devoted to adding in the data and try really hard to be honest.

Sometimes, there are multiple entries in the diary data base for particular foods. The urge is to choose the option that is most beneficial to my ego, but I look for what sounds realistic.

The diary also allows me to add in exercise, which it calculates as calories burned. So, if I go for a half hour swim, attend a CrossFit class or lift weights, it increases my calorie allowance.

I don’t use exercise to pay for planned or exercise to work off something I did earlier. I don’t use it as a reward, but try to use the extra calories to eat a little more, if I want to.

Usually, I don’t take back all of the burned off calories, though it can still end up loading down my evening meals.

The biggest trouble I have is balancing what I eat and when. I tend to eat light in the morning, a little heavier at lunch and then even heavier at dinner.

I think I need to work that out a little better because I get so hungry after dark.

Right now, I’m losing about a pound and a half to two pounds a week, which the doctor says is fine, but I expect that to slow down as I get closer and closer to my goal weight.

Barring falling off the wagon, I hope to hit my goal by Easter, but if I get to it by my birthday in June, that’s OK, too.