One Month At A Time

Wednesday Weigh In

Current weight: 202 pounds

Current goal weight: 180 pounds, though I am considering dropping that to 170.

Weight medical professionals believe I should be: 144 or approximately the weight of a chubby wildebeest.

Blood pressure: 97/70 (medicated, but we’re checking with the doc this afternoon about cutting back or dropping the meds –fingers crossed. I could spend that extra money on HBO)

Caffeine: Two cups of pretty decent coffee.

Cans of diet soda consumed this week: Enough that I know I’ve had too much.

Captain America t-shirt: Today, I’m wearing a dress shirt, khakis and dress shoes, which is very much out of costume. Four people have told me how nice I look, which is an improvement from yesterday when I was told that I looked taller in print, but that I’m more handsome in person.

I get the strangest comments from random men on the street or in grocery stores.

General outlook: Feeling kind of groovy.