One Month At A Time

Opportunity to try something

Just passing this along.
During the year I spent trying to be a vegan, I attended the Kanawha Valley Vegan Potluck several times. I never had a bad meal and always had at least one thing that seemed much better than I thought it had any right to be.
Every now and again, someone will ask me why I didn’t stick with the lifestyle and the diet. The short answer is that it was far easier not to be a vegan than it was to try and remain so.
Other people can do that just fine, but it was a lot of stress for me.
These days, my diet is plant heavy and healthier than before I did the year as a vegan. I make a lot of meatless meals, eat veggies I didn’t eat before, but I’m not a vegetarian.
Still, I learned a lot from going to the Vegan Potluck. You can pick up recipes, ideas and eat pretty good.
Nobody seems to mind if you get seconds. It’s sort of encouraged.
Anyway, here’s the release:
Sunday January 20th, 6-7 30 p.m.
Kanawha Valley Vegan Potluck Group, monthly meetup. All are welcome to bring and try out plant based recipes. Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 520 Kanawha Blvd.  West, WV 25302
Looking at the start of the new year to get healthier, make more environmentally responsible life choices ? A vegan diet can offer all of these. Sit down over a plant based meal with area vegans, for wide ranging discussions and delish food. Not sure what to bring if you are coming for the first time, just bring something simple, fruit, or hummus. Lots of recipes ideas are also available  on the internet. All food is made without any animal products.
Contact Chris Higgins, Contact Phone # 304 881 7037