One Month At A Time

Monday morning update

Things are going along swimmingly with CrossFit. (no actual swimming is involved).

Friday evening, I tried out CrossFit Never Give Up in South Charleston. Today, I’m off to Mountain State Force CrossFit in Hurricane. By the end of the week, I should be visiting a CrossFit in St. Albans and, hopefully, making the trip to Huntington next week for CrossFit Thunder.

In between, I’ll be doing the WODs at CrossFit WV.

It’s a lot of CrossFit.

Meanwhile, I have rejoined self-defense class at Butch Hiles Brazillian Jujitsu –and by rejoined, I mean I attended one class over the weekend, the first in several months.

We learned some stuff about take downs and getting out of one type of headlock.

I also read to my usual groups of second graders. They weren’t fans of “Nate the Great.”

I don’t think they liked the old school art and they may not have been able to follow the detective story plot well.

The other book, “I Will Not Read This Book,” was a modest hit –just too short for the time allowed.

I’ll need to dig up something better for this week, perhaps do a little research.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for books 7-year-olds might like?

The kids like rhymes and humor, but still lean more toward books with lots of pictures instead of something text driven.