One Month At A Time

Resolutions: Update 1

Last weekend, I got started with trying to loosen the grip social media has on me.

While I didn’t manage to stay completely off Instagram or Facebook, I did cut it back a lot. I was completely off Friday, mostly off Instagram and Facebook Saturday and used it a little bit on Sunday.

I’m going to call that encouraging. The point isn’t to shun social media, just get it back in check and keep away from mindlessly scrolling through canned updates and pictures of food, which feels a little like flipping through a magazine to look at the advertisements.

I hope to cut off social media after 6 p.m. tonight and, again, mostly stay off the sites until Monday morning. I will probably post check-ins for my current month’s project, which is coming along swimmingly.

It’s not easy being last, but somebody has to do it.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll be visiting with two additional CrossFit gyms, taking a class with each of them.

The trainer at Never Give Up in Charleston promised something special.

I am hopeful she meant cake.

I don’t even want to know how many burpees that would cost.

Meanwhile, with the weight loss and getting healthy portion of the mission, I’m having to step up clearing out my closet.

The extra large button up shirts are getting tossed out, one by one. I’m a little sad to see some of them go, but… I really haven’t done a real wardrobe update in a couple of years and I was swimming in them.

My usual t-shirts are just fine, though I suspect I will have to replace some of them by summer.

Have a good weekend, everybody.