One Month At A Time

Wednesday Weigh In

Height: 5’7″

Current weight: 204.2 pounds.

Current goal weight: 180 pounds.

Weight medical professionals believe I should be: 144 or about three second graders.

Blood pressure: 127/79 (though medicated and I maybe dispute this. The machine said my pulse was 60. That seemed unlikely)

Caffeine: Quite a bit, actually. A coup of green tea, a sugar-free energy drink and a cup of coffee. My co-worker Jenn suggests I should maybe drink more water, which might account for my low pulse.

Cans of diet soda consumed this week: They’re on special. It’s fine.

Captain America t-shirt: Today, I am sporting a plain sweater and khakis pants, if you can believe that.

General outlook: Kinda hungry, actually.