One Month At A Time

Monday morning updates

On Mondays, I’m going to try to update on what’s happening with my ongoing “One Month” projects –these are things that I’ve picked up and continued, even after the month is done.

People often ask whether I’ve kept up with anything past the usual, one-month engagement.

So far, I’ve remained a member of the Kanawha Kordsmen.

I still go (mostly) to Monday night rehearsals at the Columbia Gas Transmission building, still perform with the group and still have a long way to go before I feel really happy about the way I sing.

By the way, every Monday night is guest night. If you feel like giving it a shot, stop on by at 7:15. It’s a pretty good time.

I’m also considering doing one of the Valentine’s Day quartets, but that’s pretty in-your-face –and like I said, I have a long way to go before I feel really happy about the way I sing.

If we could just increase the quartets to about eight people, including four other basses, I’d be good, I think.

I’m still doing Read Aloud, which was the one thing I picked up in 2018.

I still have my two second grade classes and I’ve recently added a Pre-K/Kindergarten class, which had a bit of a false start this morning. They had some kind of safety drill, which threw off my schedule.

Never following a fire alarm seemed like one of those rules in show business I didn’t want to break. On my way out, as the alarm sounded and I watched a teacher console a terrified, little girl who thought it was the end.

I don’t know. I may have screwed up there. “If you give a Mouse a Cookie” might have helped soothe some nerves, but I’m still new at this.

In December, I did a repeat on my performance with the Charleston Ballet. That was a good time, particularly since I wasn’t pretending to be Jane Goodall.

If I can work it in again, I’d love to be part of the 2019 production, but there may be scheduling issues. I have entered into negotiations for a project that may not allow me to participate.

According to my bank account, I am still taking self defense classes. I just haven’t been attending regularly for the last six months.

I’m a work in progress, I guess.