One Month At A Time

Improv Comedy: Getting to Know You -Jeff Bukovinsky

Eventually, we’ll run out of No Pants Players to profile, but to quote Rosie O’Donnell from “Harriet the Spy,” “that day is not to-day” or was that Mel Gibson?

I get them confused. Which one was in “Alien?”

Anyway, this is Jeff.

Name: Jeff Bukovinsky
Age: 35
Hometown: Charleston
Occupation: by day: I work in the offices of Loved Ones. By night I… Sleep. Mainly. Maybe watch some tv.

Doing cosplay before cosplay was moderately tolerated by the rest of the world, Jeff Bukovinsky is the reindeer. Not sure about those hands, people.

What’s your life like outside of comedy? When I have time I love doing plays in the area. But mainly it’s family. Spending as much time as possible with my wife and kids. I read… I read a lot. And play fallout 4.

How did you get started in Improv/Comedy? Waaaay back in 2001 a friend suggested I come over and try out for the npp. I already new most of the people who were starting the troupe, but I was reticent. I was afraid of being foolish or failure or whatever. But I went and never looked back.

What was your first workshop or show like?
As much as I remember , the first workshop was maybe the most fun I’d ever had. The NPPs first was almost snowed out, but we went on anyway. I don’t remember too much of that either. I remember I made a “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ” joke.

In comedy or the improv comedy world, who do you look up to?
All the pros on snl and sctv I watched growing up along with master writers like Mel brooks and Monty Python. My fellow troupe members always continue to amaze me and make me up my game.

What’s the best part about what you do?
Bringing a smile to people’s faces. I know that sounds insanely cheesy. But it’s true. I love making people laugh.

What’s the hardest part?
Keeping it new for yourself. Challenging myself and never getting too comfortable. So I can give the audience something new.

What’s (almost) alway funny?
People falling down. Adam kings face (in a good way) , anything Steve Martin does or writes. The No Pants Players.

Advice for someone who might want to do Improv?
Give up the idea of being cool. Be willing to act a fool. Don’t dumb down. Trust your fellow actors and don’t underestimate the intelligence of your audience.

Are two drink minimums necessary or are they just a rip off?
Only two?

Do you believe in Santa Claus, unicorns or global warming (choose one)?
Global warming because al gore is my spirit animal

If you could ask Drew Carey one question, what would it be?
Your place or mine?

Is prison really as bad at they say or is that just the media?
It’s probably a lot like Denver : it depends on why your there and who your neighbors are.

How good is your spelling?
God gave us spellcheck for a reason.

Do you have any time/money saving tips for our readers?
Find a wish granting monkey and you can have everything your heart desires. But you can’t have my wish granting monkey. Gregory owes me. I saved his life in San Antonio.

Have you ever been to Ohio?
I once found a portal there in the back of my lazy Susan. I became a king and saved all of the mythical creatures of Ohio. Lived to old age, then travelled back through the lazy Susan. It was a hell of a thing.