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Improv Comedy: Getting to Know You -Jenna Skeen

Another one from the No Pants Players, who have a show on Thursday at the Mardi Gras Casino in Cross Lanes. They’d be OK with it if you wanted to come to the show, if you wanted to…


Name: Jenna Skeen

Age: 28

Hometown: St. Albans, WV and now reside in Charleston, WV

Occupation: COO at Loved Ones In Home Care and owner of Midnight Justice Films

One of these people is Jenna Skeen. The rest are part of a ragtag group of survivors who are living through the worst frozen yogurt recall in history.

What’s your life like outside of comedy?

I perform in local theatre and enjoy traveling, filmmaking and all things geek

How did you get started in Improv/Comedy?

Attended the No Pants Players audition (It was only my second time publicly performing improv)

What was your first workshop or show like?

First workshop was terrifyingly funny and first show was MCing a West Virginia Power Game with the troupe so as a plus size female I was completely in my element.

In comedy or the improv comedy world, who do you look up to?

Steve Martin, Bill Murray, Martin Short, Eddie Murphy, Sid Caesar, John Candy, Robin Williams, Andy Kaufmann, Adam King and Jeff Bukovinsky

What’s the best part about what you do?

Hearing the laughs

What’s the hardest part?

Being funny

What’s (almost) always funny?

Bodily functions and/or politics – Completely interchangeable

Advice for someone who might want to do Improv?

Just do it! –Shia LaBeouf

Are two drink minimums necessary or are they just a rip off?

I think a healthy mixture of both.

Do you believe in Santa Claus, unicorns or global warming (choose one)?

Global warming due to Santa Claus’ reckless use of unicorns.

If you could ask Drew Carey one question, what would it be?

Do I know you?

Is prison really as bad at they say or is that just the media?

Depends are we talking Martha Stewart prison or 1920s chain gang prison?

How good is your spelling?


Do you have any time/money saving tips for our readers?

Quit cruising the As Seen On TV aisle.

Have you ever been to Ohio?