One Month At A Time

Going Vegan: What are you eating?

Over the last two weeks, the question that’s been uttered over and over has been, “What are you eating?”

At first, I didn’t know the answer to that question. I did the barest amount of advance preparation and didn’t even buy ingredients until I had no other choice and the task was upon me.

But rest assured, I’ve eaten well. I’ve eaten surprisingly well. People have even given me food, which I’ve always loved.

Dinners have been all over the place. While I expected to be eating my weight in red beans in rice or pintos and rice, that really hasn’t happened.

Instead, I’ve had things like this –“Better than Takeout Tofu,” from a recipe I got from one of my vegan cookbooks. It tasted pretty good, about as good as the stuff you buy in the freezer section of your local grocery store (Though not as good as actual take-out, sorry. Main Kwong rules!)

This would look better if the photo staff took pictures of my food for me or if I had more photogenic dinnerware, but neither were budgeted for this project.

I’ve also had this:

Sadly, my cell phone takes better pictures than my crappy camera. I should have added some water chestnuts and red bell pepper. That would have been more festive.

This was a basic stir-fry using meatless meat strips from the frozen food aisle (marked down to $1.17 because eating vegan is cool). The kids weren’t particularly crazy about the stuff, but I liked it.

On the downside, I’m pretty sure this stuff was loaded with enough salt to preserve a walrus, but as an occasional thing, it was nice.

I also made a Shepherd pie. The filling was onions, celery, carrots and mushrooms with a little tomato paste. The crust was mashed potatoes made using Yukon Gold potatoes, the vegan butter, and some coconut milk.

Not terrible. I ate this for dinner and lunch twice. Also, this went down pretty good with Big Timber Porter, my new favorite beer.

My biggest regret on this was using the coconut milk, which made the potatoes taste weird. I ate it anyway, but I should have used something that didn’t make me think of sun tan lotion with every bite. Next time, we’ll use soy.

I also made risotto with smoked dried tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. I ate that with a spinach salad and some curried chickpeas. That sounds fancy, but it wasn’t. It also wasn’t photogenic, resembled prison food, but it tasted great.

Lunches have been a lot of leftovers or a salad (neither of which photograph well), and some stuff donated by Mission Savvy (They feature in the series). I’ll do a separate post about what I got from them. That seems fair. They didn’t have to give me anything and the stuff they do is a lot more advanced than my basic dinners.

Breakfasts have been a little bland. Except for a morning or two when I toasted a bagel to eat with peanut butter, I’ve stuck with a half a cup of oats with flax seed, walnuts, and cinnamon, sweetened with either sugar or Splenda. This works because I go to the gym in the morning and never eat before a workout. Throwing up while lifting weights is unbecoming. The oats are filling, though dull.

I did pick up an egg substitute from Healthy Life Market, which I hope to use to make pancakes this weekend. I also have a vegan butter, which tastes like the other stuff, and last I heard, Log Cabin syrup is purely vegan.

God, I hope so.

I want some pancakes. I deserve pancakes.