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Going Vegan: Vitamins and minerals

Aside from suggesting I embark on some kind of exercise program to go with my brand new lifestyle-based diet, the doctor said I should take a multi-vitamin.
“Just in case you miss getting something,” he said.

That sounded easy at first. I’ve been taking One-A-Day brand vitamins for years, plus a fish oil capsule, which someone convinced me was good for my joints, my heart, my brain, my eyes and probably my karma.

Obviously, fish oil was out, but so were the One-A-Day vitamins. It turns out that lots of vitamins are chockfull of animal products –specifically gelatin, which is sourced from beef or pork.

OK, this is kind of gross, but gelatin is made from the boiled skin, bones, tendons and ligaments of animals.

Gelatin is commonly used as a thickening agent and shows up in everything from old-fashioned Jello and Candy Corn (which I’ve always hated) to shampoo, makeup, and gummy bears (which I like a lot).

So, I tossed out the One-A-Days and went looking for a supplement that was Vegan certified. I did not find one at my local grocery store, which has a pretty decent selection of vitamins and minerals with claims not evaluated by the FDA.

Finally, I went to Healthy Life Market at Drug Emporium in Kanawha City.

They had plenty, but many of them were kind of pricey. Fifty bucks for some pills my doctor recommended that may or may not prevent me from getting scurvy or rickets or whatever weird disease comes from not eating meat seemed like a bit much

…but I kept at it and found a reasonably priced bottle of a Vegan approved multivitamin for about seven bucks.

I also picked up a four pack of Big Timber Porter on the way out. It cost about the same.

Tasty and probably Vegan --the folks at Big Timber haven't gotten back to me.
Tasty and probably Vegan –probably. The folks at Big Timber haven’t gotten back to me.

So, I guess the lesson here is you’re going to avoid consuming animal products, you have to read the labels.

Also, Drug Emporium has around 200 varieties of beer to choose from.

The beer guy told me that, and I believe him.