Geeks are not so hard to buy for after all!

November 27, 2013 by duanemaddy

Every year, I hear people complain that they just can’t find a gift suited for the geek in their life, so they end up getting them another copy of The Big Bang Theory on DVD, even though they know they already own it. This has to stop. That’s why we here at Nerd Living are giving you the opportunity to get exactly the right gift for the geek who, in fact, does NOT have everything!

Original artwork inspired by the Hunger Games. Custom artwork is the perfect gift for the special geek in your life.

Original artwork inspired by the Hunger Games. Custom artwork is the perfect gift for the special geek in your life.

Shameless Plug:

Artwork! I’m an artist, not starving, but I could use a bite to eat now and then. I’m not the only one! Geeks love art, whether it be penciled sketches from comic book artists or animation cells, they appreciate the work it takes to do it. It’s not so hard to come by and isn’t necessarily as expensive as you might expect. Look for cartoons, tv shows, movies and books that they may like and check online for original work and prints. If you want to check out some of my own work, go to my facebook page at and give it a like!

Next up, you can’t go wrong with the obscure!

There’s not a nerd alive who will pass up a DVD that no one else has, or one that brings back childhood memories. Shout! Factory specializes in both. They have Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (a great show, especially for those geeks who are into the sarcasm) uncut, unedited and ready to roll for great prices. You can see their stuff at or their facebook page

Soft kitty, warm kitty snuggler blanket.

Soft kitty, warm kitty snuggler blanket.

The Big Bang Gift:

Instead of the DVD, which they’ve already got, check out the Clue: The Big Bang Theory game, available on You have six suspects (the cast) and six custom “acts of betrayal items” including a dismantled Shelbot. Don’t ask. Just trust me on this one.

If you have more of a cutesy geek, maybe they’d prefer The Big Bang Theory Kitty Socks instead. Soft kitty will look and feel soft on their feet! Available at also.

It will match purrfectly (sorry) with the Soft Kitty Snuggler Blanket that you can get on Whiskers not included.

Accessories for Her:

Etsy has given geeks everywhere a chance to rejoice. Check out the customized earrings from Sarah Crumpler’s C.H. Gallery for a selection that will lower your lobes and blow your mind.

Accessories for Baby:

Whether it’s for your Marvel Comics loving baby, or your Doctor Who loving baby, give the new parent an upgrade from their usual baby toting ride with Gracie and Sam’s Carriers, Covers, and all things Cozy. What baby doesn’t want to be carted around in a TARDIS inspired baby carrier? See the selection at

Accessories for Him:

Geek guys don’t like to shower. Go to Comic Con for a weekend and you’ll see I’m right. That being said, you can encourage cleanliness with a totally new bathroom set. Beam your dude into this officially licensed Star Trek bathroom set, which includes the shower curtain and the transporter pad…I mean bath mat. The shower rings are even included and that’s important for your landing party. Check it out at

The doctor's choice of transportation will make sure you're on time.

The doctor’s choice of transportation will make sure you’re on time.

Accessories for Them:

They love Doctor Who and you don’t get it. You think it is cheesy and cheap. They think it’s life changing and inspiring. They cried when Rose was no longer on the show. You cried when you heard her read her lines.

You don’t have to understand them to get them the right gift. The TARDIS projection alarm clock and table lamp from will put you on the “nice list” with your geeky “companions” and make time travel a little easier. See the products here:

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