Is Johnny Depp really starring as Jesco White?

April 7, 2012 by Brad McElhinny

Is Johnny Depp really starring as Jesco White?

Or is this a rumor sloppier than slimy eggs?

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Here’s a good question:
True or False? Johnny Depp to play Jesco White in the story of Jesco’s life… God I hope so!Kari Anderson
Well, maybe. The source everyone was buzzing about was this. By this weekend, the item had been read more than 30,000 times. It was ‘liked’ almost 500 times and ‘tweeted’ 65 times.
Johnny Depp To Star In Jesco White MovieJohnny Depp will be portraying West Virginia mountain man Jesco White in the new Daymar Productions Movie "White Trash: The Jesco White S…
The tease also included a movie premiere date of November 2012 and the tidbit that there would be a Boone County pigroast rather than a red carpet.
In case you missed it, Jesco White is a cult figure in these parts. His wit, wisdom and dancing skills were featured years ago in the movie “Dancing Outlaw” and then again in the “Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.” Beyond that, it’s sort of hard to explain. 
Jesco white – one of the best videos of the Dancing Outlaw!jescofest
In any case, lots of people got excited about the movie rumor. Some seemed certain it was true. 
Johnny Depp will be portraying West Virginia mountain man Jesco White in the new Daymar Productions Movie "White Trash."Rich Richards II
Johnny Depp playing Jesco WhiteAlura
Johnny Depp starring in a Jesco White movie? Yesss #WildandWonderfulWhitesChrissy Hanna
Others had big questions.
Johnny Depp to star in Jesco White biopic? WHY?!Tuari Rittenhouse
Is Johnny Depp really playing Jesco White in a movie? Did he and Demi Moore really live in a trailer in Boone Co for a month to prepare?Jessica, silent -ca
What would be the narrative arc? The quest for solid eggs? The retrieval of special sunglasses? Brad McElhinny
The enormous vitality of a "super double buzz?"George Gannon
Jesco White on Sloppy Eggsmontycombs
Still others sought reliable sources.
Johnny Depp is supposed to play Jesco White in a movie.. Can anyone confirm this?Joshua Ryan
And many were ready with accolades:
“@Abo2025: "@Alura_is_gooood: Johnny Depp playing Jesco White" what?” I think she meant to add #bestmovieeverEric Marchiny
Not likely, but Johnny Depp would be an awesome Jesco White! @AreaMan_ @markwolfe @thediggererAdam Hodges
I have my doubts. The same website that broke the news of the Jesco White movie also has stories about Bruce Springsteen recording a West Virginia album and Randy Moss running for mayor of Huntington. Others also smell something fishy.
this site that this comes from is like the onion its fake newsTony Vst
Still, a Jesco White movie would be tremendous. Of that, there is no doubt. Are you listening, Hollywood? 
Matthew McConaughey is playing Jesco. He won’t have to be taught how to take any kind of drugs. And, he can play the bongos while nude … now THAT’S entertainment!Richard Stevens
Oh Jesco. Your star is shining once again. 
jesco white tattoojasonkellytattoo

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4 Responses to “Is Johnny Depp really starring as Jesco White?”

  1. DLH says:

    Johnny Depp is currently filming The Lone Ranger movie which is due to continue filming throughout the summer into August this year in New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. The Lone Ranger movie will not be released until sometime in 2013 because it takes that much time for a movie to finish post-production after filming has been completed. When would Johnny have time to film the Jesco White story if the movie is due out in November 2012, yet he hasn’t even started filming it yet? Think about it, brainiacs!

  2. Johnny Depp has stated over and over that he can’t dance, He’s working on The Lone Ranger and is supposed to be making The Thin Man after that. He’s also signed up for 2 more POC. He’s the greatest actor in the world but, don’t see how he would be able to add this to his list.

  3. Helena says:

    Boo Hoo! I’m a proud West Virginian. Not as wild as the Whites but have viewed The “Wild and Wonderful Whites of WV”, and would have loved to seen Johnny’s spin on Jesco White!!!! Been diehard fan of JD’s since Nightmare on Elmstreet

  4. Neil says:

    I think Johnny Depp is one of the greatest actors of our time. He is a true talent. And i do believe he can become any character.

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