What (and how) we’re watching on TV this fall

September 13, 2011 by Brad McElhinny

I’ve always looked forward to Fall TV. When I was a kid, we got the TV Guide, and I’d devour the fall preview issue (it’s best with mustard) and plot out what I’d be watching.

Here at Nerd Living, I got the bright idea that our contributors could each tout a show they’d be watching this fall. But when I got the responses back, what struck me was the differences in how we watch TV.

I mean, some of us aren’t even watching TV any more.  It’s more like watching shows on the Internet.

(If you want my methodology, it’s generally to record my favorites on TiVo and then watch them there, so I have very little knowledge of what night shows are actually on.) (I mean an actual TiVo, not a generic DVR. I’m brand loyal — and maybe a little snobby. By the way, there’s a new super-TiVo — TiVo Premiere Elite coming out that will record four shows at once. Do I need that? No. Do I want that? YES! Then again, I could wait until the TiVo Premiere Elite Deluxe comes out…)

Without further ado (is there any ado that isn’t further?), here’s what and how we’re watching…

Lauren McGill:

New Girl

I’m looking forward to “New Girl” on Fox because I like Zooey Deschanel. That being said, I hope it’s cute-funny and not just plain weird like she’s been in some prior roles (“Failure to Launch” and “The Good Girl” come to mind).

The old show I’m most looking forward to returning is “Modern Family.” I appreciate that it’s good for a laugh-out-loud moment every week, and has great rewatchability.

Since “Entourage” is about to kick the bucket, I might give “Pan Am” a chance to be my new Sunday night show, but I’m really not good about adopting new series and remembering to watch them week after week — I’m the one watching reruns on TBS each night!


Ashlee Maddy:

Yeah, that’s my problem with “Modern Family!” I always forget that it comes on, cause that’s a pretty funny show!

I just remembered that Fox is supposed to air an animated version of “Napoleon Dynamite,” I may add that one in with mine.

The Big Bang Theory” and “The Walking Dead” are the main shows we watch that weren’t made in the ’70s or ’80s.


Rafe Godfrey:

Without cable, new stuff is pretty much out for me.

I have, however, been thinking of doing something sizeable about the move of all the “Star Trek” shows to Netflix instant (in particular, Deep Space Nine, which is the last one to move, and scheduled to be available starting October).


Ashley Craig:

I’m not really up on new shows. Since I’m at work during primetime I tend to catch things on reruns (TBS is awesome for catching up on “The Office”).

As far as old shows, I’m counting down the days until “Supernatural” picks back up on the CW. I’m not really a big fan of the shows on the CW, but SPN caught my attention last year and has not let go.

Now that I think of it, there are two new shows starting on the CW that I want to check out. Sarah Michelle Gellar is coming back to TV in “Ringer” and a book series from my childhood, “The Secret Circle,” is being adapted for TV.

I’m also looking forward to seeing how “Law & Order SVU” is going to work out missing one of the leads.

Brad McElhinny (me):

The new show I’m looking forward to try out is “Terra Nova.” It’s got time-travel, dinosaurs and Steven Spielberg. So what can go wrong? It’s got to be all kinds of awesome.

Except it might stink. It might have clunky actors and ridiculous plots. I thought “V” was going to be great. And it wasn’t. So I could be disappointed again. Forget I ever mentioned it.

OK, but I’m totally checking out the premiere on Fox Sept. 26.

As far as returning series, I’m looking forward to “The Sing Off,” the a capella singing contest on NBC.

The past two seasons have been televised between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This time, NBC is giving the series a full run starting this Monday with new judge Sara Bareilles joining Ben Folds and Boys II Men’s Shawn Stockman.

The groups are always charming and Ben Folds is funny, nerdy and helpfully critical.

So, what will YOU be watching this fall?

And how will you watch what you’re watching?




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