McAfee goes viral

July 18, 2011 by nerdliving

We direct you now to the sports pages, where The Charleston Daily Mail’s Mike Casazza has a story about former West Virginia University kicker Pat McAfee’s insanely large Twitter following.

Of course, it kinda helped McAfee’s following — at some cost to his reputation — when he went swimming in a canal and tried to catch a ride with a woman stopped at a red light shortly after 5 a.m. He was charged with public intox after responding to the police inquiry “How much have you had to drink” with the logical answer, “A lot because I’m drunk.”

These days, McAfee, who is a kicker for the Indianapolis Colts, has generated more than 9,300 tweets and 20,900 followers on Twitter (@PatMcAfeeShow). (“Indianapolis Colts #1. Just Livin’. Welcome to the party.”)

“The people on Twitter really, really helped me,” he told Casazza.

Recent example Tweets: “Woooooo” and “What do you think Casey Anthony’s doing right now?”

Also: “I’m such a softy when it comes to motivational stories and videos.”

“Before Twitter, individual players who weren’t starting quarterbacks or wide receivers or big-time players never really had a voice,” he said. “I’m the Indianapolis Colts punter. I’m Peyton Manning’s punter. That’s pretty much the bottom of the bottom.”

Follow Pat McAfee.

Just don’t follow him into another canal.



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  1. Will Roberts says:

    I think the terms “nerd” is being confused with “big giant douche” in this situation.

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