Mountain State of Mind

“Mountain State of Mind” is a new podcast of the Charleston Gazette-Mail that focuses on interesting people and intriguing developments around the state of West Virginia. This podcast is a companion broadcast to a story in the Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016 Gazette-Mail on the development of the West Virginia Activist Archive, by Michael Tierney, a longtime community activist in West Virginia with Step by Step and other efforts, and Dr. Luke Eric Lassiter, head of the Marshall University Graduate Humanities Program at Marshall’s Graduate College/South Charleston Campus. Below is the opening to the story.

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Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016
By Douglas Imbrogno
Activists tend to be active in everything but actively recording a story of the change their work leaves behind.

Enter the West Virginia Activist Archive.

“There are a lot of tremendous social change agents in West Virginia that have been doing great work for a long time, and their stories don’t tend to get captured. We wanted to catch those stories.” said Michael Tierney, himself an activist for nearly 40 years with the regional nonprofit group Step By Step and many other efforts.

Along with Luke Eric Lassiter, Tierney is co-teaching the graduate seminar “West Virginia Activists: Stories of Social Change,” through the Marshall University Graduate Humanities Program at Marshall’s Graduate College/South Charleston Campus.

As part of the seminar, Tierney and Lassiter, director of the Graduate Humanities Program and a professor of humanities and anthropology, have pulled together a series of panels open to the public (see below). The panels are intended to paint a portrait of some of the people, old and young, at the forefront of social justice, environmental activism, community empowerment, women’s rights and other frontline causes across West Virginia… | READ ON