About the Mommies

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Meet some of our bloggers — Katy, Carrie, Kara, Karan and Amy, whose name, unfortunately, does not follow the alliterative pattern set by the others.


Katy Brown is a frequent contributor to a number of publications and blogs. Considered “Generation X’s Erma Bombeck,” Katy writes humorous stories about working from home full-time while caring for her husband and two young children. An alumna of the University of Charleston holding a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s degree in business, Katy is the owner of The Write Word, LLC.



Carrie Cherry is a mom, a widow, a journalist, a student and a Food Network chef wannabe. Her current hobbies include bedmaking, dusting and laundry. She spends the majority of her time trying to find the right balance between work and motherhood. Oh, and she is known to enjoy a glass of red wine. On occasion.



Kara Moore is a writer for the Daily Mail and WV Living Magazine. She is a 2002 graduate of George Washington High School, and she studied English at West Virginia University and journalism at the University of Memphis. She worked as a newspaper reporter and copy editor and taught media writing before becoming a full-time mom. She currently lives in South Charleston with her husband, daughter and cat. She really likes the internet.



Karan Ireland has two children, a day job, a new puppy and a new house, so while she may seem super busy, please don’t hesitate to invite her out for a drink or a huge piece of chocolate cake. Karan grew up in Dublin, Ohio; studied earned life experience in Los Angeles; and now resides in Charleston. Along with her kids and puppy, she shares her home with a cat, a rabbit and a fish. She remembers to feed them almost daily.



Amy Gannon is a wife, mother and recent breast cancer survivor. She has a master’s degree in dietetics and is a registered dietician who specializes in healthy eating for kids and childhood weight management. Her husband and son are bacon lovers. Amy went back to work after a year of therapy for breast cancer and juggles work, life and chemo brain.




Trina Bartlett is struggling to find the balance between being a mom, working full time, riding her bicycle as much as possible, walking her giant German Shepherd twice a day and embarrassing her husband  with her need to talk (or write) about everything she’s thinking. Even though neither of her children has called her mommy in years, she hasn’t given up on trying to be a better one. Trina, who has a master’s degree in social work, is a former Kanawha Valley resident now living in Martinsburg.