Bite the bullet

December 30, 2013 by Katy Brown
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Phasing out the toaster as I aim for more fruit and less grain.

Phasing out the toaster as I aim for more fruit and less grain.

In the fall, I wrote to our editor and fellow Mommyhood blogger, Lauren McGill, and told her that I wasn’t sure if I should continue writing for the newspaper once our daughter goes to middle school. I’ve been worrying that blogging about my family’s life might cause her embarrassment in the junior high ranks, and I’m concerned that I’ll start writing repeats of milestones to be experienced by our younger daughter who’s in second grade.

A professional writer never runs out of material, and I certainly haven’t emptied my heart or brain, but I wondered if it was time to close my online diary to protect the girls’ privacy.  Heaven knows my husband doesn’t have a thread left!

Lauren pulled me off the ledge and reminded me that I could start writing about other topics. I don’t have to share so much personal stuff. Mr. Husband just might have the best year of his life!

Hmmm…write about something other than myself?!  Can it be done? Do I actually have the ability to help others instead of airing out my own emotional house of comedies and dramas?

In 2014, I’m gonna try.  It’ll be my writing resolution:  Think about other moms (and the dads who read from time to time). 

It won’t be easy, dear friends and foes.  This blog has become my half-hour on the couch.  I’ve spilled secrets and shared concerns, tattled on a few people and poked fun at others.  I’ve given you a peek into every room in this home and office, hoping that you could find yourself in some of the scenarios.  And, I won’t stop all of that cold turkey — I can’t change gears quite so quickly — but I’ll work to give you information that you can actually use.

I’ll dip a toe in this Monday by reviewing a new kitchen tool. Stick with me, readers! It’ll be worth the read!

During the nights when I can’t sleep, which is at least three or four per week, I watch infomercials. I’ve bought more crap from QVC and HSN in the last few years than I can give away to Goodwill. I’ve also become a frequent customer of Guthy Renker, the sales company that distributes products like the Wen Haircare System and Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty skincare line. I’ve bypassed the Insanity DVDs and anything endorsed by Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley.  I mean, Chuck Norris makes onions cry! How could I possibly get in better shape than that powerhouse? And the former Uptown Girl has been through four nasty divorces.  I don’t trust her judgment.

But one product catches my eye each time it’s aired:  The NutriBullet food extractor! I’m mesmerized by the pitch man’s description of miracle foods that will cure inflammation, migraine headaches, PMS, hot flashes and, without a doubt, insomnia. All anyone has to do is tell me that I’ll cut my cancer risk by so many percentage points, and I’ll fork over a credit card without a second thought.

The NutriBullet can be purchased in most stores (Target, Walmart, Macy’s, etc.), and it’s priced anywhere from $89.99 to $150.00.  I don’t know why there’s such a jump in price, but I decided to ask my mother-in-law to buy it for me for Christmas (I’m WICKED smart!).  She delivered, and on December 26, I fired up the pimped-out food pulverizer to cure my sleepless nights and aching joints.

Using the formula of 50% fresh greens (I chose baby spinach), 50% fresh fruits (I chose a berry medley), and a cup of spring water (I chose Kroger’s brand), I whipped up a thinner smoothie to boost my immunity before winter colds have a chance to set in.  After gulping the purple-y sweetness, I wiped my mouth and smiled at the girls.  There must’ve been 500 seeds stuck in my teeth.

But it sure did taste good!

The NutriBullet differs from a blender or a food processor (marketers say) in that the faster motor and sharper blades liquefy foods (including nuts, rinds and peels) that other machines chop or tear.  They’re correct: I tried making a green smoothie in my Cuisinart, and I had to chew half of it.

Another great quality is the mixing cup that turns into a drinking cup once the recipe comes together.  Rather than pouring (or scooping) the mixture into a glass and having multiple pieces to wash, the NutriBullet comes in two parts, which rinse clean after each use.

Despite the berry seeds that didn’t pulverize as expected, I dearly love this machine.  It comes with a sizable nutrition guide that breaks down the types of smoothies (from milder tastes to mega-veggie strength), and it offers a series of plans that are geared toward the user’s goals: lower cholesterol, increase energy, detoxify, lose weight, and so on and so forth.  It’s also an excellent way to get children to “drink” their veggies — and I do mean Swiss chard and collard greens. Who knew that a banana could mask almost any flavor?

If you received a gift card as a present and you want to do something nice for yourself, consider taking a closer look at the NutriBullet, or any other brand that’s labeled a close second. I actually look forward to whipping up something new every morning, and I really love crossing daily requirements off the healthy food pyramid.  And, this sleek, stainless steel gadget is a great tension tamer.  At the end of a hard week, I can pretend that I’m pulverizing people’s heads.

But, to abide by my New Year’s resolution, I’ll keep those thoughts to myself.

Have a healthy and happy 2014!



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