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January 31, 2012 by Carrie Cherry
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  I am not one of those art-and-craft kinda moms. Last year, I attempted to make cut-out Valentine hearts with my daughter. They looked more like circles. I can’t draw, cut, paste, glue, sew or even color in the lines.

  So scrapbooking is definitely out.

  But I really want to preserve our memories – mine and Julia’s. I know how fleeting they are, and I want to look back in 10 or 20 years and remember the little prayer we said each night and what her preschool backpack looked like. I want to remember funny little sayings, like when she thought her name was Julia Grapes Cherries instead of Julia Grace Cherry. Or see pictures of the cookies we baked or the artwork she made.

  These are the things that matter to me.  I am all about finding the joy in small moments. It comes from loving and losing someone to cancer. You learn what’s really important.

  So this year, I’m embarking on a little project that promises a simple way of doing this – without any scissors or glue! It’s called Project Life, and it was created by another mom who is an art-and-craft kinda mom but who also is a realist with three kids.

  Basically, the premise is to take a picture each day and do some journaling about it on cute little pre-designed cards that you tuck into a photo album with cute little pages with special pockets. I can totally do that! There’s even a digital version through Shutterfly if you’re like me and never get pictures developed anymore.

  At the end of the year, you have this fabulous book that tells your family’s story.

  Creator Becky Higgins’ motto is “cultivate a good life and record it.” I love that! She sends out lots of inspiration on her Facebook page for picture-of-the-day ideas. Things like a picture of your favorite way to start the day (coffee with French vanilla creamer), something your kid did that you would otherwise be upset about (I’m thinking of you Cara and your painted boy), your child’s handwriting (Julia’s 3s look like an E – I want to remember that!), what your floor looks like after a day of playing. Anyway, you get the picture.

  I wish had done this sooner. I would love to have a book for my daughter full of pictures and stories of her with her dad. She’s at the point where she doesn’t remember him on her own anymore. What I wouldn’t give for that…

  And actually, the memory system is flexible enough that you can design it any way you’d like. It doesn’t have to be a picture a day. It can be anything. Maybe some day I’ll be able to go back and make that book for Julia. In the meantime, I’m totally loving the little snapshots I’m taking and the notes I’ve been jotting down.

  Anyone else doing this? How do you record your memories?

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2 Responses to “Memory keeper”

  1. CarrieNo Gravatar says:

    I’m very passionate about scrapbooking! I think what you are doing is wonderful! I would love to see you be able to go back and make Julia a scrapbook with photos of her father and her together as well as just memories that you may have with her father even before she was born. That is something to treasure! You are doing a great thing recording these memories! And you know what – you CAN scrapbook. You don’t have to be an artsy crafty kind of person! You would be proud of what you produced and I’m sure it would be more than you thought you were capable of. I have taught many people how to scrapbook. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or all fancy, what you are preserving are the memories. You keep my email address and when you’re ready to start, I will help you!!!!

  2. CarrieNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you! I have been thinking about putting a memory book together for her. I’m hoping to get my husband’s friends to write her letters, telling her funny stories about her dad and would love to incorporate that in some way.

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