A bountiful Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011 by Cara Bailey
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The month of November is often known as a month to give thanks. Obviously, with Thanksgiving an annual holiday, the idea of gratitude is fresh on every one’s mind.

A Facebook trend has people daily offering what they are thankful for, ranging from the serious — health — to the silly, let’s say Starbucks.

The past three weeks or so, it has felt like my material life was heading into a whirlwind of destruction. If it could break, bust, tear, crack, misfire, catch on fire or stop working, it did.

It’s been hard to be thankful, but as a mother, I had to force it, and I’m thankful [ 😉 ] I did.

Frustration, ingratitude and thanklessness are not traits I need to exhibit, nor do I want my son to see them and copy them. He is soaking up every ounce of learning right now, the wrong words could teach him the wrong attitude in a second.

In a matter of weeks my iPhone, my Precious, bounced off my foot and now has a shattered screen. My boyfriend’s laptop slid off my lap while my son, trying to run away from bedtime, climbed into my lap.

Our recently installed roof sprang a rather large leak. My car died three times in three days. The dogs are eating a hole in the couch that keeps getting larger and larger. We shared a rather insignificant stomach ailment for several days. I, many times, have just felt completely overwhelmed.

But, there’s a bright side to everything. I’m thankful the phone is an easy fix. As is the laptop, once hard drive prices go down. I’m thankful we have another computer, so my work won’t suffer.

I’m thankful the roof was fixed the next day, and was affordable.

I’m thankful the insurance is paying for my tow to the mechanic, and I’m thankful the mechanic quickly and cheaply fixed the problem.

~In other Thankfulness ~

I’m thankful I only have to tell my son once to stop licking the toilet seat.

I’m thankful I can leave for an hour and come home to a completely spotless house.

I’m thankful for the man that is responsible for said spotless house, as well as so, so many other wonderful moments.

I’m thankful for family, who rise to any occasion with encouragement.

I’m thankful for all of our friends, and the comfort they feel with us.

I’m thankful for the house we have, and the roof over our heads, which now is nicely patched.

I’m thankful for a freezer full of soup made possible by the organization and thoughtfulness of friends.

I’m thankful for the shoes I trip over everyday, because they keep my son’s feet warm and dry, especially during this monsoon of November.

Overall, you can just say I’m a thankful mommy.

Tomorrow, as you gather with family or friends, or just hang out and watch Walking Dead all day, I hope you take a minute to let all the stresses of this world leave your body, and are able to enjoy true thankfulness. Our children will be watching and learning by our example. We owe it to them.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Amy GannonNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for sharing your small joys and showing how you turned a hardship into a positive message for your son. What a good example! It is easy to get burdened by all of the things to go wrong in life (why do they all seem to happen at once)? But, it is good to remember that among all of the hardships, there are still lots of things for which we should be thankful!

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