A nontraditional patient of nontraditional medicine

May 25, 2011 by Cara Bailey
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Back when I was a working girl, I mentioned in a meeting that I had a chiropractor. My editor sat back and said “YOU!? Why do you have a chiropractor?”

In her mind, and traditionally accurate, chiropractors are usually visited by those with physically hard jobs or those with chronic back pain. I have neither. So imagine my editor’s surprise when I told her that not only do I go for regular chiropractic visits, but so does my son.

When my little one was actually still little (around 5 weeks) a kindred spirit stopped by to see him and bring me some much appreciated lunch. We talked about some nursing issues that my son and I were having, and how he was stiff while trying to find a comfy eating spot.

She said when her daughter was born she also had a little trouble nursing. A chiro-friend stopped by her house and gave her newborn baby a quick adjustment and the baby immediately showed improvement. So, she suggested I call a chiro.

Worth a shot, I thought.

I’m so glad I made that call!! When I took my little bundle in I had no idea what to expect. I had never been to a chiropractor, I just knew what I had seen on television shows and what friends and family had told me.

We met the chiro and she knew exactly what to look for. She said that often times, babies who spend a lot of time in the birth canal (mine did) become twisted and the first cervical vertebrae, or Atlas bone, can pop out.

Sure enough, my little guy had a popped Atlas. One little pinch, and it moved back into place. By the time we got back in the car, he was passed out. Finally, he could relax.

We made an appointment for two weeks later. We went back, and it was out again. Popped it back in, and once again he passed out before we could get in the car.

After seeing how much my son seemed to enjoy the adjustment, I decided to become a patient as well. Sixteen hours of labor had done a job on my lower back and hips.

A year and a half later, we’re still going to regular visits. The chiropractor and those in her office have become friends and my son loves going to visit them. Recently, he started climbing up on the table to get adjustments further down his spine.

As far as the medicinal side of the visits, I can’t say enough about them. In this age of ear aches and ear tubes, my son managed to make it to 21 months and counting with no ear issues. Molars came in with little pain.

Regular chiropractic care in healthy infants has been proven to help reflex actions such as sucking, swallowing and elimination. Overall sleeping is also improved. Colic may be prevented.

Studies have shown the reduction and/or elimination of strep throat, bronchitis, and asthma. Recovery from injuries is also more rapid.

All good things, am I right? While some might view chiropractic care of purely cosmetic, I totally believe in it. The spine controls the entire body, it should be healthy.

So, call me a dirty hippie, but please try chiro care! Your back won’t regret it.

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