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March 14, 2011 by Katy Brown
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My 20th class reunion. I'm looking forward to it...I think.

If you need motivation to lose lingering baby weight, I suggest opening an email announcing your 20th high school class reunion this summer.  At least, this is what caused me to grab my tennis shoes and head out for a three mile walk up, down and around Fort Hill.

I’ve been ignoring this issue for a while now, as proven by a recent conversation in my OB/GYN’s office.  As if the visit alone weren’t uncomfortable enough, waiting room chit-chat caused the ol’ blood pressure to spike just before my name was called.  The woman seated next to me shifted anxiously in her chair as she tugged at her “jeggins” to give herself more breathing room.

“My doctor’s going to get on me for holding onto all this baby weight,” she said nervously.

“Oh, it takes some time – I know.  How old is your baby?” I asked.

“Six months.  How old is yours?” she countered.

“Sixty months.”

Yes. My “baby” is five years old and enrolling in kindergarten on April 4th, yet I’m still carrying her around…on both hips.  And thighs.  And upper arms.

One of my girlfriends heard me complaining about being 25 pounds heavier than I used to be, and she invited me to start jogging with her in the evenings.  “I can’t start running until I can fit into my exercise clothes!” I huffed.

During my first pregnancy, I gained 53 pounds and shed 55 in three months.  My daughter was born in June, and I had to return to the law firm in August, so a driving force in eating eggs for breakfast, chicken for lunch and steak for dinner was to get back into the size six uniform.  While I thought I was going to sacrifice a pair of kidneys in the process, I did lose the weight and I did gain confidence.  The second baby, however, didn’t produce the same determined energy.   Warned that second pregnancies make weight loss more challenging, I seemed to rest on that notion (and on the couch).  Now working from home full-time, I didn’t have to wear a suit every day of the week – unless it was made of cotton spandex.

Five years later, I’ve grown into my larger skin with a type of lazy acceptance that ‘this is what happens’ when you have two babies inside of three years.  My husband, who carefully and strategically tells me that I look “fine” (when prodded), honestly doesn’t care that I’ve ‘let myself go’ (as my 1930s-era mother would have called it).  I’ve let myself go in the direction of being more accepting, less competitive and strangely happier.   While I’m not unhealthy, I am indeed bigger.

So, this summer, when I walk into a crowded room of parents who used to be teenagers, I’m not going to worry about the baby weight that may or may not come off in time. I hope this is the result of being all grown up.

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12 Responses to “Weight and See”

  1. Jessica RodeckerNo Gravatar says:

    Katy, you are stunning. Inside and out. Always.

  2. Katy BrownNo Gravatar says:

    THANK YOU, Jessica. I guess we’re not supposed to look like we did 20 years ago, right? ; )

  3. SaraNo Gravatar says:

    First, you are beautiful. Second, EVERYONE in the room will be the same age and body shape…you’re not the only one who isn’t 18 any more! Those who haven’t gained “baby” weight probably aren’t happy anyway.

    • KeeKeeNo Gravatar says:

      When I went to my 20 year reunion I was (still am) a size six and I had been since my last baby and I was plenty happy. In fact, I was actually thinner at my reunion than I was in high school.

      Also, I’m not sure being overweight 5 years after having a baby qualifies as “baby” weight. I mean, sorry, but having a baby doesn’t automatically mean a woman is doomed to be heavy (except in West Virginia maybe).

      Get rid of the weight now because if you take it into middle age, you will never get rid of it.

      Sorry, but I’m the tough love type.

      Also, take it from me, there’s one key to losing and keeping off weight – don’t eat big meals. Period. It’s very simply and after after a while your stomach shrinks and so does your appetite. I haven’t been on a diet in 20 years. Eating huge meals is what puts weight on people and keeps it on. Eat what you want, just don’t stuff yourself.

      You’ve got until summer. Plenty of time.

      • TriciaNo Gravatar says:

        KeeKee – man – I need you to come and manage my life! Sounds like you’ve got amazing focus and willpower! I say it takes a village to manage my life and it sounds like you could be my willpower lifecoach. I’ve struggled with my baby weight for 13 years now!! Of course, other life’s tragedies got woven in there too. But…sounds like you could help! Congrats on getting yours off – and keeping it off!

        • KeeKeeNo Gravatar says:

          Tricia, I was only talking about baby weight. I wasn’t telling anyone how to live. If you knew anything about me you would laugh as I am and I can take a joke.

          After years of experience, I can tell you, the time to get rid of weight is when it’s manageable. You don’t wait until you’re 100 pounds overweight to try and get rid of it. And being heavy just makes a person look bad and feel bad no matter what anybody else says. Plus, it’s even harder to get rid of extra weight of over 40.

          If you want to manage your weight, don’t let yourself get ravenous. If you’re hungry, eat, and eat what you want, just don’t stuff yourself. Stop, keep it under 500 calories. Trust me on this. When you lose weight this way, it stays off and if you get rid of extra weight at 5 pounds or 10 pounds, it’s way less discouraging.

          And in the reality therapy department, only people in the best shape go to 20 year reunions – financial and physical. Reunions make people crazy. They are a real mind f–. I have a feeling Katy will not go if she does not get rid of that weight (not that she shouldn’t but like I said, reunions do crazy things to people) and she will miss a good time. I had more fun at mine than I’ve ever had. Plus, she’s too pretty to just resign herself to being heavy and she will kick herself when she gets older for not making the most of her youth. Then of course there’s the health issues associated with being over weight. It causes sluggishness which leads to even more gain.

          And I’m not the only one who will tell you that, Ask any woman over 40.

  4. MichelleNo Gravatar says:

    My 20th reunion motivated me!!! Katy, you’re such a great motivator and such a terrific “real mom”. You blogs always inspire me!

  5. Katy BrownNo Gravatar says:

    I’m blushing!! A friend emailed me and told me about the Px90 workout, which is supposed to be the best thing on the market for time-crunched people who can’t hit the gym (or leave kids to hike around the neighborhood). It may be my Easter basket present to myself instead of a chocolate bunny.

  6. TriciaNo Gravatar says:

    “Events” seem to be the big motivator for losing weight – and facing your old high school friends seems to be the biggest motivator of all! Good luck with your quest – knowing that it doesn’t matter in the end (as long as you are healthy), and you’ll have a fabulous time catching up with all your old friends!

  7. MelissaNo Gravatar says:

    Now I’m torn. Do I give in and get comfy or get myself PX90 for Easter? Seriously, having done the reunion thing recently, its not bad. I’m sure you will look (and feel) great when the time comes whether or not you’ve lost an ounce.

  8. Karan I.No Gravatar says:

    P90X rocks, but I don’t know about it being a time saver. I mean, each workout is at least an hour, but you’re right about the travel time: zilch! I like the P90 workouts and I LOVED CrossFit when I was going. I ended up eating much better because the intensity of the workouts REQUIRED that I fuel my body properly.

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