June 10, 2015 by Derek Redd

File this under “too good to be true, except that it is.” Former Tennessee men’s basketball coach Donnie Tyndall, also formerly of Southern Miss and Morehead State, has some time to kill. Such is life when you were fired from UT after one season because of your alleged involvement in improprieties back in Hattiesburg.

So what does one do to stay busy? Sudoku is always good. One might take up bird watching.

Or you can become a professional wrestling manager.

Tyndall chose Door No. 3. He makes his pro wrestling debut Saturday when Global Force Wrestling comes to Smokies Park in Knoxville, Tenn. Global Force is the new brainchild of long-time wrestler Jeff Jarrett, who founded TNA Wrestling (which performed last year at Appalachian Power Park) and whose family ran the Tennessee territory for decades.

One of Jarrett’s signature moves was to crack opponents across the noggin with a guitar, as seen below.

Tyndall also could don his orange suit and channel Jim Cornette by wielding a tennis racket. Perhaps a megaphone, like “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart?

Some advice for Tyndall, though: Don’t dodge the microphone like you did after you last loss in Huntington. The best managers don’t pass up the chance to cut a good promo.

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