Kevin Grooms reappears at Liberty University

August 17, 2014 by Derek Redd

Former Marshall running back Kevin Grooms, in search of another chance after being dismissed from the Herd following his third arrest since April 2013, appears to have found one at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. The News and Advance in Lynchburg reported that Grooms has transferred to the FCS school and will sit out the 2014 season.

Why say “another chance” rather than “a second chance?” After three arrests, the 2012 C-USA freshman of the year is past a second chance and onto the fourth. That’s probably why Liberty coach Turner Gill was so adamant to the News and Advance that Grooms must stay on the straight and narrow through his entire tenure there.

“Zero tolerance,” Gill said. “It’s a second chance. If there are some things that come up that are inappropriate, then he will no longer be here. Again, zero tolerance.”

For those not familiar with Liberty, it’s a Christian school founded by the late televangelist Jerry Falwell. His son, Jerry Falwell Jr., is the current chancellor. The university employs a code of conduct called “The Liberty Way” that is password protected on the LU website. Other sites mention the rules prohibit R-rated movies, immodest clothing and drug and alcohol use.

Some Herd fans took to social media last night and voiced their surprise at Grooms’ transfer to a school with such strict rules. I’d argue that is exactly the place he needs right now. With as many problems as there are in his past, a strictly-regimented place like that should help keep Grooms from screwing up again. Structure would be very good for him, and at Liberty, structure he will get.



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