Does everyone dig the Herd’s new threads?

August 10, 2014 by Derek Redd

As you all saw this afternoon if you’re a part of the Twitter-verse or made it to Marshall’s Fan Day at Joan C. Edwards Stadium, the Marshall football team has new uniforms, as seen here …

Some new wrinkles to the new uniforms.

Some new wrinkles to the new uniforms.

There are some obvious differences from the old version. Some like them. Some don’t. First, the dissenters …

And now for those in favor of the new unis, of which there are many.


I’ll chime in, too, but preface it with the warning that this is coming from a cranky, 37-year-old man. I like the number font. I like the stitching around the collar. I like the embroidered “The Herd” across the chest. I like the stripe and think they could have added a stripe up the side of the jersey.

But the shading on the jersey numbers will give me a stroke.

They’ll be an absolute nightmare for spotters and everyone else in the press box, and we’ll have the extra challenge of not having names on the backs of the jerseys. Doc Holliday confirmed his 2013 strategy will be used again — no names until the bowl game.

Now when I talked to the players, they loved the new uniforms. DB Keith Baxter said they dressed a handful of players like Rakeem Cato, Chris Jasperse and Darryl Roberts in them and paraded them in front of the rest of the team, which immediately went bonkers.

Cato liked them. Baxter liked them. James Rouse liked them. In the end, it’s the players who will wear them and if they like them, that’s what counts. Just know that, if I can figure out who made a tackle during a game this year, you know what I’m going to blame.

In other Fan Day news, Rakeem Cato was a pretty popular guy. Check out this photo.

Hope he doesn't get carpal tunnel from signing all those autographs.

Hope he doesn’t get carpal tunnel from signing all those autographs.

The line ends at the left of the photo. Cato is sitting at the right of it. He might see a lot of that this season.




3 Responses to “Does everyone dig the Herd’s new threads?”

  1. Phil says:

    as a graphic designer, I can say it’s always nice to try something original. But numbers are on jerseys for one reason: to be legible from far away. You can never forget the primary goal. If these are not legible from the stands (and I have not seen them in person), they are a massive fail.

    All form, no function.

  2. philip says:

    as my buddy tom has tweeted, ncaa rules might have something to say about those numbers.

  3. goherd24 says:

    I think they are awful. Alot of fist pumpers trying to come out of the woodwo4ks today, especially media. But there is a reason these uniforms are getting so muh flak. They are bad. Period. Objective and unbiased fanbases from other schools hate them as well.

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