Post-practice update, Day 2

August 5, 2014 by Derek Redd

As you can tell by the above video, Doc Holliday reaaaaallly liked what his receivers were doing Tuesday.

And for good reason. Wideouts both young and old looked good during both practices. In the morning, freshman Gator Green caught a slant from Michael Birdsong and sprinted to the end zone. Some of the writers were comparing Green in both size and speed to one-year Herd wonder Devon Smith, the diminutive former high school sprint champion who wowed as a punt returner and deep receiving threat last season. Holliday said Green and Smith had great straight-line speed, but Green was a better athlete.

Freshman Emmanuel Beal also impressed in the afternoon, and senior Tommy Shuler was his usual self, catching passes high and low, including a touchdown from quarterback Gunnar Holcombe.

In what surely will be a story we’ll delve into later down the line, the Herd is desperately seeking receivers to complement Shuler so the entire secondaries of their opponents don’t pounce on him as soon as the ball is snapped. And Holliday has never been bashful in playing freshmen who have proven their worth, so everyone has a shot.

Tonight on and tomorrow in the Daily Mail print edition, you’ll see a story on Marshall’s hunt for a defensive tackle to provide the 1-2 punch with James Rouse that Brandon Sparrow did, plus a notebook talking about the receivers, new quarterback Michael Birdsong and other bits of info.

And we’ll be back here tomorrow in the blogosphere to discuss several things. I’ll tease one topic by saying, yeah, I saw ESPN Magazine’s college football ratings, too.

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