Coming soon to a Marshall apparel store near you?

May 20, 2014 by Derek Redd

New Marshall men’s basketball coach Dan D’Antoni was sporting an interesting new shirt last week.

Take a gander at the slogan.

Take a gander at the slogan.

He’d been joking that his wardrobe is about the same as it was when he left Mullens — a couple shirts, a couple pairs of jeans and he was good — but the slogan, “Bring On the Herd,” holds a special meaning to him. He told the story during his introductory press conference. He and his Marshall team would sit quietly in the locker room at the Fieldhouse and teammate Bob Redd would crack open the locker room door to let the team feel the crowd’s energy. Then he’d swing it all the way open …

Then we would gather at the door, and you could look out and you could see the crowd (pumping their fists). Then, as we came out, you could hear the chant: “Bring on the Herd! Bring on the Herd!” And we would all come running out, and to me, that was the greatest feeling in the world.

It seems D’Antoni would like “Bring On the Herd” to return to Marshall fans’ lexicon, so I’d figure you’ll see that shirt soon in places where you can by Marshall apparel. D’Antoni said he hopes it catches on:

Let me put it to you this way: If it’s seen all over campus, and everybody starts wearing them, then we’re probably in the NCAAs and I’ll be happy as heck.



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