Grab the sunscreen, y’all … C-USA headed to the Bahamas

April 28, 2014 by Derek Redd

ESPN’s Brett McMurphy offered this nugget of information today …

So Herd fans might want to make sure their passports are up to date, just in case.

This, of course, is part of college football’s new reality, where smaller conferences are creating bowls to insure their teams aren’t left in the cold in the postseason. That also gives college football 40 bowl games, counting the national championship game, starting in 2015, which requires 78 teams.

A couple of questions pop into the mind with all of this: Overall, will there be enough eligible teams in 2015 to populate all those bowls, or will they be forced to dip into the teams that finished 5-7? In terms of the Bahamas Bowl, obviously it’s an enticing place for teams to play. Will it be enticing for fans to spend the money to get there? This isn’t driving from Charleston to D.C., y’all.



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  1. Phil says:

    Considering more than half the MU fans who attended the Military Bowl bought tickets directly from the Bowl instead of MU just to save $20-30, there is no chance that more than a few hundred MU fans will fly to the Bahamas. (And that number will dwarf what a MAC schools brings). I don’t see any way this bowl survives.

    But I have a bigger question: CUSA buys a bowl and only gets to play in it two-thirds of the time??

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