Are you faster than a Marshall football player? MU students get the chance to find out

April 8, 2014 by Derek Redd

Marshall football is giving some brave student a chance to stack up his speed against one of its own. At the April 26 Green and White game, two lucky(?) students with the fastest 40s on April 17 will race a Thundering Herd football player. If they beat him, they get $3,000 toward tuition and books.

These men are not amused by your 40 time.

These men are not amused by your 40 time.

Their MU football opponent has not yet been named. For the students’ sake, they’ll keep Kevin Grooms and Stew Butler on the sideline. Shoot, if any student can beat either of those two in a footrace, Marshall shouldn’t just hand him three grand. It should hand him a football scholarship.

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