NCAA to put speed limits on college football games?

February 12, 2014 by Derek Redd

Here’s a proposed rule that Marshall football fans should pay attention to: The NCAA Football Rules Committee has suggested that offenses be assessed a five-yard delay-of-game flag … for playing too quickly.

If the committee gets its way, an offense could get flagged if it snaps the ball any earlier than 29 seconds left on the 40-second play clock. The suggestion comes, according to the NCAA, with the safety of defenses in mind. The committee feels defenses should get 10 seconds to substitute players.

Why should Herd fans worry? Marshall was fourth last season among Football Bowl Subdivision teams in plays run, with 1,093, or 78.1 per game. High tempo offenses like the Herd’s likely wouldn’t benefit from that change.

Though they might have to learn at least one Sammy Hagar tune …

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  1. Thrill2310 says:

    Reason #1,235,567,478,379,897 to hate the NCAA

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