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tiger-attacking-womanOh my.

When I saw the headlines, I figured for sure that this latest tragedy was an example of someone vying for a Darwin Award by trying to “pet the big striped kitty.” Sadly, there’s more to it than that.

According to the Shanghaiist, a woman was killed after another woman stepped out of her car inside a Beijing safari-style wildlife park. The woman who got out of the car apparently had been arguing with a male passenger. Almost as soon as she stepped from the vehicle, she was attacked by a tiger. The second woman got out to help the first one, and she was killed. The first woman was hospitalized with what were described as severe injuries.

People who drive through the park are cautioned not to get out of their vehicles. In the heat of the moment, that admonition appears to have been forgotten — with tragic results.

Some websites, including the one linked above, are linking to what appears to be surveillance-camera video of the attack. I’m not sure because I won’t watch it. The still photo is gut-wrenching enough.