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pokemongoYes, it’s true. The Pokemon Go craze is taking the world by storm.

Newspapers (the Gazette-Mail included) have run stories about Pokemongers wandering the streets of the city while staring intently into their cellphones. There have been reports of people trespassing on private property to collect Pokemon. Pundits beyond number have decried the game because it keeps players even more inseparably tethered to their mobile devices.

I think the inimitable Sgt. Hulka from the movie, “Stripes,” said it best: “Lighten up, Francis.”

At least the Pokemon players are outside. In this day and age when kids and adults spend far too much time vegetating inside their homes, anything that gets them outside into the fresh air and sunshine should be viewed as a godsend.

Are people doing dumb things because of this game? Yes. Do a few people get so wrapped up in it that they put themselves (or others) in danger? Yep. But at least they’re outside. And while they’re outside, they’re getting a healthy dose of what recreation specialist Kim Hawkins calls “Vitamin N” — nature. Those who don’t walk off cliffs or stride headlong into lampposts are walking miles and miles in the good ol’ outdoors. It’s an example all of us should follow, whether or not we play the game.