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Bowhuntin’ grandma bags her 20th black bear

Cathy and Frank Addington with her milestone bearCathy Addington of Winfield, W.Va., achieved an enviable hunting benchmark recently when she killed a black bear in New Brunswick.

It was the 20th bear she’s killed — every one of them with a bow — in the past 28 years or thereabouts.

The 70-something grandmother of two has been traveling to the wilds of eastern Canada since the late 1980s with her husband Frank. Much more often than not, she’s returned home successful. This year’s milestone achievement drew the attention of celebrity bowhunter Ted Nugent, who was hunting out of the same camp as the Addingtons. “The Nuge” had his video crew get some footage of Cathy with her bear for use on his “Spirit of the Wild” television show.