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W.Va. DNR issues mast survey results

White oak acorns (Ohio DNR photo)

From the Associated Press:

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — For every serious hunter it’s a must have: the annual mast survey.
The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources has issued the 2012 edition of the survey of fall foods available to deer, bear and turkey. Game management services supervisor Chris Ryan says for hunters, the survey is a critical tool to know the availability of food for the animal they’re stalking.
The division’s wildlife section partners with other agencies to conduct the fall survey of mast produced by 18 species of trees and shrubs. They found, for instance, that the production of acorns is well above the 42-year average, while beechnuts and walnuts are below their long-term average.
The survey is as available at DNR offices or on its website.

I highlighted the mast survey’s findings in one of my recent columns. You can read it here.