With one shot, a hunter is born

October 4, 2012 by John McCoy

Sabrina Gravely with her first squirrel (Charlotte Slagle photo)

Congratulations to 12-year-old Sabrina Gravely of Marlinton, who killed her first squirrel recently with a single shot from her trusty .22 rifle.

This is just the sort of action West Virginia wildlife officials hoped would happen when they started opening the squirrel season in early September instead of early October. Knowing that many kids get their first hunting experience with squirrels, they figured a lengthened season would help attract more young people to the pastime.

Sabrina bagged the bushytail while hunting in Pocahontas County with her dad, Jim Gravely. You go, girl!


2 Responses to “With one shot, a hunter is born”

  1. Joe Calvert says:

    I LOVE to see our youth out in the outdoors hunting and Fishing. I have 3 Mountain Feist squirrel dogs to start my own grandchildren with squirrel hunting. I love this picture. I’m sure she will always remember this perfect day! Bless her heart.
    That being said, those same West Virginia wildlife officials are not telling you about the litters that will starve and die in the nest because of the early September squirrel season. At the same time many of our West Virginia wildlife officials very much opposed the early season for this very reason.
    All will tell you it would not hurt the squirrel population if the season were to open year round. “BUT” that is not the point! Allowing wildlife nursing young to perish by allowing early hunting is not sound wildlife management and just not what wildlife people are about.
    Why the early season? To get more youth into hunting and thus sell more licenses. This we need to do but the resource (our wildlife) must come first.

  2. TOM PAINTER says:

    Joe I have to agree about that early season although I’m not a resident of your wonderful state my state also has the early season and quite a few of my hunting friends agree that the early season is a great harm to the future of squirrel hunting. I wish more hunters felt the same. Tom Painter Waynesboro Va.

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