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Ohio River anglers are being surveyed

You hear it all the time when you’re fishing: “Catchin’ anything?”

At least now your answers will be official. From the Associated Press:

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Starting Sunday, wildlife officials in three states began  surveying anglers about what they’re catching in the Ohio River.
The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, the Ohio Division of Wildlife and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources will continue that survey through Oct. 20.
Anglers will be asked to take five minutes to fill out the form, which will ask about the types and numbers of fish they’ve caught.
It will also ask about their residency, and about overall fishing habits and experiences.
The survey will provide information to help the states better manage the fishery and improve fishing opportunities.

More on this after I’ve had a chance to talk with DNR fisheries officials.